Process Advantages

The process concentrates the best in every product, either vitamins, nutrients, antioxydants, etc

Natural Goldenberry 1 full

Vacuum-Clay Goldenberry half

Please check Sample 1: Full round goldenberry. Vitamin A 2157 Units versus Sample 2. Half goldenberry 5936 Vitamin A units. The same happens with Vitamin C and Sugar content (Azucares Totales), the system concentrates the nutrients.

Other vitamins comparison. Remember Vacuum-Clay concentrates the most important characteristics of each product:

For Mango vitamin A, vitamin C and Calcium. For Pineapple vitamin C and Calcium. For Banana Vitamin A, Calcium and Iron


It is evident that the process concentrates the best of the product. For Acerola, the vitamin C content changes from 1677 mg in the natural product to Vitamin C at 9560 mg for the Vacuum-Clay dehydrated product WITHOUT ADDING ANY CHEMICAL neither during the dehydration process nor in the preservation at ambient temperature for more than one year in a plastic bag.

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